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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Unusual Incident: Because of Herring A Jew Stabbed His Friend At A Synagogue Convocation

In The Rambam Synagogue in Melbourne, Australia-- Two Worshippers Bickered At The Convocation (Kiddush) After Prayers Over The Herring, Until One Stabbed His Friend With A Knife, Wounding Him Moderately

An unusual incident occurred last night (Saturday) during the Shabbat Hagadol at the  Rambam Synagogue, one of the main synagogues in Melbourne, Australia.

After the Mussaf prayers, during the Kiddush in the meeting room of the synagogue, two Jews quarreled with eachother, when one of them took a knife used for cutting the refreshments served to the worshipers and stabbed his friend causing moderate injuries.
According to eyewitnesses, the fight between the two started with an argument over herring when the perpetrator wanted to eat it and his friend refused to allow it.
"He pulled out his knife and stabbed him near the heart, it’s a miracle he survived, we were all stunned," said one of those present.

Rescue teams arrived at the scene and after initial medical treatment, the injured was evacuated to a nearby hospital.

The police launched an investigation the details of the strange event.

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