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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Herring Stabber Still At Large

The news about the herring-related stabbing in Melbourne has sent shock waves across the world. Here is an update report from Australia:

UPDATE on the Stabbing Incident Involving a Dispute Over Herring in Australia
On Shabbat in Melbourne, Australia, a man stabbed another community member at Rambam Shule on Hotham Street, St Kilda East. moderately wounding him in the upper body.

A fight broke out between the two over some herring that one didn’t want to pass to the second. The man who wanted the herring then picked up a knife and stabbed the other man, to the shock of everyone else there.

Hatzalah quickly treated the victim and he was taken to the hospital.

The offender was identified but has not yet been apprehended.

The details of the story were updated to include the fact that the perpetrator left the shul after the stabbing, intoxicated, and was believed to have returned to his home to obtain a kitchen knife. He then returned back to the shul and stabbed a different community member. He left the scene on foot and continued to pose a threat to other community members.

As the story gained some traction questions started to pour in.

A number of readers of asked, “why was herring being served in a Sephardi shul?”
A member of the Australian community who wishes to remain anonymous clarified some of the points to

1) The incident occurred outside the Rambam Sephardi Synagogue which is directly opposite the Chabad Yeshivah Centre.
2) The incident did NOT happen at the Kiddush or even inside. Synagogue members were unaware of the incident until they came outside.
3) The two who had been arguing and the third person who intervened and was stabbed were not regulars at the minyan. They were there for a Shabbat Chatan being celebrated upstairs in the Ramban Sephardi Bet Knesset.

It has triggered shock waves across the Jewish Velt.

I received this from my kiddush buddy here in Modiin. He sent it out to the whole community:

Many of you have seen this story circulating in both the English and Hebrew press.  Given the seriousness of the situation  I believe that some drastic measures must be taken before it gets out of hand. Can you imagine elbowing your way to the kiddush table so that you can grab a piece of herring, you now have to worry about someone sticking a knife into you because you grabbed his or her piece of herring? I know that this happened in Australia, but since its all over the web, copy cat herring attacks can happen in your neighborhood too.
So, I am contributing in my own little way to create some peace of mind for all kiddush participants. At our next kiddush at our house I am installing a metal detector that all our guests will pass through. Off course the metal detectors will be certified by Tzomet for use on Shabbat and Chagim. This way all guests can feel safe and comfortable when they mosey up to the herring table.

I sent my own message out to the chevra here in Modiin:

When are people going to take this HERRING situation seriously? Herring needs to be protected at all costs!!
I am for HERRING safe zones where microaggressions against HERRING lovers can be avoided.

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