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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where's The Good Stuff?

Mahane Yehuda outdoor market

Plenty to choose from!!!!

Cohen Chamutzim: A Herring Maven favorite

If you live in the Jerusalem area the place to go for really nice herring is Cohen Chamutzim in the main alley of the Mahane Yehuda outdoor market. I dropped in there today for a little pre-shabbat herring run. I picked up three nice varieties: a basic matjes in oil, a matjes with a vinegar finish, and a parve creamed variety. All have been sampled repeatedly by my chaverim at work and by the kiddush crew in Modiin and everyone is unanimous in their praise. This little herring hot spot is the real deal.

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Product from Bayside Boys International

Its a Shushan Purim special!!!!This is what you herring lovers have been waiting for!!! Emergency Portable Kiddush Kits (c) !!!

That's right--- its the EPK2 from Bayside Boys International. What could be better? Its herring in a box to go. Includes three of your favorite varieties: matjes, schmaltz and creamed herring on dry ice PLUS emergency shots of small batch bourbons and/or single malt scotches PLUS Tamar's Homemade European Onion Crackers baked fresh in her kitchen in Modiin. Stow them in your bomb shelter, take them on the road or vacation with them. Beautifully hand-crafted and reusable herring storage box!! Retails for $79 or 300 NIS.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Herring Maven's Purim Pick: PK Mustard

Imported from Sweden to Israel,PK's traditional herring marinade as well as the flavorful mustard turn this Swedish product into a local favorite. Its mildly seasoned and comes in an 8.9oz (250g) jar.

The kiddush club loves this one!!!!

Originally only available in Israel at IKEA, it is now being widely distributed at the Mega and Supersol supermarkets.

We've also tried out the tomato and onion varieties and they are really A-OK.

PK Swedish

Classic Swedish Herring pieces in 9 fab flavors: Mustard/Curry/Onion/Swedish Spice Matjes/Dill Mayonnaise Blackcurrant/Tomato/Dill Sauce

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Classic Herring Folk Music

Check out these beautiful photos of the North Sea herring industry in the old days. The song was recorded by well known British folk singer/songwriter Ewan MacColl (1915-1989).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Herring Saved the Dutch

The Jerusalem Post

World of Mouth: Herring and Hutspot

By JOHANNA BAILEY10/05/2010 10:56

The Dutch city of Leiden hosts an annual festival involving herring, white bread and hot stew, commemorating the banishment of their Spanish conquerors.

Dutch stew - hutspotBy Johanna Bailey
Johanna Bailey is a blogger, freelance writer and student at the Hofmann Culinary School in Barcelona, Spain.

This month the country of Spain is celebrating olives, erotic film, seafood, the Virgin of Pilar, flamenco dancing and saffron. Meanwhile a few thousand miles to the north in the Dutch city of Leiden, they’re celebrating the fact that they are not Spanish.

It all started back in the 16th century when The Netherlands was under Spanish rule. For several months during 1573-1574, the Spanish Duke of Alva laid siege on the city of Leiden and nearly a third of the population perished. Things would have gotten even worse had it not been for the quick thinking Dutch rebel leader “William the Silent, Prince of Orange” who broke the dikes flooding the surrounding low-lands, enabling relief ships to reach the city. Most importantly, the ships brought haring en wittebrood (herring and white bread) to the starving people.

In the meantime, the Spanish were apparently in the middle of cooking stew when they noticed the rising waters. They quickly yelled “Agua! Vamos! Rapido!” - or something like that - then turned and ran. Legend has it that a small Dutch orphan boy named Cornelis Joppenszoon then crept through the abandoned Spanish camps and came across the pot of stew which they had left behind. The boy then brought this “hutspot” back to the townspeople to eat.

Every year on October 3, the city of Leiden hosts “Leidens Ontzet,” a festival celebrating these historic events. The citizens of Leiden (in addition to thousands of tourists), gather together for the enormous party that lasts all day and into the night. Since food played such a crucial role in relieving Leiden, it is naturally an important part of the festivities. There is free bread for all, and people wearing red rubber gloves and jaunty kerchiefs hand out buckets of raw herring to anyone who has a plastic bag to carry it in. Many prefer to have the fish cleaned and beheaded immediately so that they can, in the traditional manner, tilt their heads back and gulp one down right then and there.

Although for some of us, the idea of dropping an entire raw herring down our throat might not be at the top of our fun lists, herring has been an essential part of the Dutch diet for centuries, and to eat it uncooked, lightly salted and occasionally dipped in raw onions, is considered by many to be a real treat. In fact, much like the French celebrate the new batch of Beaujolais wine every year, the Dutch hold the same reverence for the “Hollandse Nieuwe” (new herring) and the first barrel of the season is always auctioned off with the money going towards charity......................................