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Friday, March 9, 2012

New Product from Bayside Boys International

Its a Shushan Purim special!!!!This is what you herring lovers have been waiting for!!! Emergency Portable Kiddush Kits (c) !!!

That's right--- its the EPK2 from Bayside Boys International. What could be better? Its herring in a box to go. Includes three of your favorite varieties: matjes, schmaltz and creamed herring on dry ice PLUS emergency shots of small batch bourbons and/or single malt scotches PLUS Tamar's Homemade European Onion Crackers baked fresh in her kitchen in Modiin. Stow them in your bomb shelter, take them on the road or vacation with them. Beautifully hand-crafted and reusable herring storage box!! Retails for $79 or 300 NIS.

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