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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Herring Maven's Purim Pick: PK Mustard

Imported from Sweden to Israel,PK's traditional herring marinade as well as the flavorful mustard turn this Swedish product into a local favorite. Its mildly seasoned and comes in an 8.9oz (250g) jar.

The kiddush club loves this one!!!!

Originally only available in Israel at IKEA, it is now being widely distributed at the Mega and Supersol supermarkets.

We've also tried out the tomato and onion varieties and they are really A-OK.

PK Swedish

Classic Swedish Herring pieces in 9 fab flavors: Mustard/Curry/Onion/Swedish Spice Matjes/Dill Mayonnaise Blackcurrant/Tomato/Dill Sauce

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