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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


You better know what you're doing if you're naming your flick after herring:

Some on-line reviews:

Trailer says it all...SHILL VOTES GALORE

Author: mairtino from United Kingdom
11 November 2015
If the trailer is anything to go by and I think it's a pretty good indicator of what's in store then this one does not merit watching at all. The acting seems pretty atrocious and I echo what the one other reviewer that isn't linked to the movie has already said...the acting lacks's as wooden as hell.

If the rest of the picture is well scripted and acted then why would they have chosen the worst 2 minutes of the movie as it's showcase. I know shill voters want to get their picture watched...did it ever occur to them that people would probably be more inclined to watch it if it wasn't such poorly put together garbage. The trailer would seem to suggest a quality that would make even the most amateur film student offering look like the work of Coppola in comparison.

A Smart & Stylish Thriller!

Author: jonnyrancher ( from Las Vegas, NV
30 October 2015
One of the dictionary definitions for a "red herring" is: "something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting." When discussing "Red Herring", the film, the dictionary definition definitely applies. "Red Herring" is a taut, action- packed crime-drama, directed by Ousa Kuhn, that will keep you guessing all the way to the exciting finish. The film stars Robert Scott Howard, Holly Valance, Tim Tucker, Andre McCoy, Vincent Pastore of Sopranos fame, and G Eric Miles and is packed with more twists and turns than a dance- hall on a Saturday night.

Written and produced by Joshua Cohen, "Red Herring" is a top-notch thriller; on par with the great mystery stories of old! To give you an idea of how intricately Cohen wove his web, at varying points in the film, and in seeming rotation, I thought each of the main characters was the guilty party, and in the end, I was wrong! That's how great mystery is done. And that's what's in store for you in "Red Herring!"

Through the efforts of the Nevada Film Incentive (established in 2015,) "Red Herring" is a 100% made-in-Nevada production: Written in Nevada; produced in Nevada; filmed in Nevada. With quality efforts like "Red Herring," the Nevada Film Incentive appears to be off to a very promising start.

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